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3 Platforms That Will Transform Your B2B Sales in 2022
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3 Platforms That Will Transform Your B2B Sales in 2022

We have seen the biggest impact on B2B sales in 2021. Challenges posed by the pandemic led to the innovation and acceptance of more sophisticated selling technologies the industry has ever seen. An industry that heavily relied on direct contact and physical communication was initially deemed to collapse as a result of COVID restrictions. However, Sales took a new, unexpected turn and instead had a highly successful 2021, thanks to evolving sales practices and technologies. 

Today’s sales is revolutionized by amazing platforms and technologies. Businesses around the world have access to solutions that can recreate the experience and interaction their customers expect in a physical sale. Same goes for sales professionals. To assist sales reps convert faster and better, they have access to in-depth analytical tools that can promptly solve problems in a pipeline and guide them into taking the right action. 

2022 is a promising year for sales, but it can’t be done without the right set of tools and technologies. Below, we discuss 3 transforming sales technologies and explain how you can leverage them to drive success in 2022. 

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Falling into the category of conversation intelligence software, Enthu.AI seamlessly integrates with multiple processes to create insights that can have a huge difference in your sales practices. 

Conversation Intelligence is a unique methodology that helps businesses find relevant and actionable insights from the conversations that your teams have with prospects. The tool can analyze thousands of important calls, collect data from conversations, and create intelligence around it – something which could be manually impossible. And Enthu.AI does a brilliant job in this regard.

Enthu.AI is the simplest tool to extract the maximum value out of your customer interactions and derive insights that can boost your team’s performance.


A walnut is a nut that is tough to crack – just like sales. Thinkers behind this creative company that allow businesses to showcase their product demos had just the thought in mind. The result: a platform that allows businesses to not just sell products, but offer everlasting experiences. 

Walnut is a game-changing platform where you can create interactive product demos in an environment that is free from downtimes, loading issues, and other natural flaws of the WWW. The platform is 100% codeless, which means you won’t have to rely on a set of back-end professionals to get things done. 


Prospecting could be the ultimate test for B2B marketers. Finding out who your actual potential customers can be an ambiguous task. And even if you did find out, the next challenge is to find out the right moment or medium to contact them. 

These B2B sales challenges end with B2B contact and company intelligence management platforms. And Slintel is a winner in the category. 

So, a mix of these three transforming sales technologies can help your sales teams go that extra mile and conquer the unachievable in 2022. Feel free to choose these or continue your research, but remember to find platforms that fit best for all three of you – your business, your workforce, and your customers.