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Adaptability Is the Key to Future-Proof Your Marketing. Here’s How.
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Adaptability Is the Key to Future-Proof Your Marketing. Here’s How.

Flexibility has always been the center of focus for marketing. But ever since Covid-19, embracing change has become more crucial. This flexibility has many names. Experts either call it adaptability, crisis management or change management. 

Despite flexibility being the main focus, adapting can be challenging at times. However, you can break it down into smaller steps to achieve stable adaptability. 

Here are 5 P’s you need to focus on while preparing for adaptability in marketing. 

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To brace adaptability in marketing, the first thing you need to focus on is people. Create a team culture where your people can cultivate soft skills, like creativity, experimentation and resilience. This shall help them to handle stress and thrive in the world of unanticipated change. 

Furthermore, in the case of disruption, think of it as an opportunity to learn. Identify your team’s strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. 


Make your purpose the core of each marketing campaign. Your context may change but your purpose shouldn’t. Connect with your team and develop an actionable purpose, value, or mission to bring impactful growth to your organization. 


There’s nothing unusual if your team’s performance doesn’t come out as expected. In fact, it’s a lot common. However, to keep it to a minimum, take a closer look at your context and try to understand your targets better. Flexibility in the analysis will help you to get fresh insights into your target’s behavior that can be helpful for your next marketing campaign. 


The priorities and preferences of your targets will always keep changing. So, research them frequently and keep a tab on their feelings, behavior and decision-making. Use those data-based insights to find out opportunities to meet their needs. 


Using the “set it and forget it” approach will never work in marketing. It is especially true for social media as messages seem to go out of time rapidly. Therefore, you must change plans when needed. With clear purpose and data-based insights, it is possible to make an impact even when you change plans. 

The following are two different ways in which you can make plans for adaptability.  

  • Update the language of your messages to the way communities speak. 
  • Practice reassessing touchpoints and channels to reach audiences. 


Marketers today are well aware of the disruption. It means now is the time to embrace adaptability in marketing. Besides, it’s the only way to future-proof your marketing strategy. So, plan ahead of time, set a clear purpose, strengthen your team and make it a continuous habit to listen to your targets. It will help you achieve stability so that you can prepare better for adaptability in marketing. 

Author - Samita Nayak

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