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Avoid These 7 “Being Human” Mistakes During a Sale
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Avoid These 7 “Being Human” Mistakes During a Sale

We err, which makes us humans. But some mistakes, especially in sales, can cost us the next client or even more than that.  

Sales is a people’s game. The better you are at understanding them, the higher are your opportunities. A very psychological phenomenon, sales is mostly about playing your cards right and ensuring that the next move goes in your favor. However, as human beings, we often tend to make mistakes. Big or small, they can impact your next sale.  

Today, we will talk about 7 such mistakes that most sales professionals make during their sales journeys. Identify if you too make any of these and avoid them for a long and successful sales career.   

Mistake #1: Offering the product, instead of solution 

A product’s efficacy is measured by estimating the type of value it is producing. Most times, companies get so focused on themselves that they completely forget the most important element – solving others problems.  

If your product solves a problem, make that your primary sales pitch. Try to ascertain your customers’ problematic areas and explain how your product can make the difference.  

Mistake #2: Talking too much 

Sales professionals talk; it is the only way to close the deal. As human beings, sales reps make this mistake more often than ever. They tend to talk too much, and in the process, often miss out on some elements.  

Strive to make the conversation two-way. Reports have proven sales conversations that are not one-sided are more fruitful and lead to a faster close. 

Mistake #3: Not being a listener 

Acting like you are listening and resuming the same topic of conversation the moment the other person finishes is another human mistake. An average salesperson is more likely to kickstart the conversation and lead it most of the time. However, you should let your clients take over as well and speak as openly and as long they want. And if they do, show appreciation, not patience.  

Mistake #4: Not believing in your own company 

“It’s just another job and the bottom line is earning the commission you were promised.”

Most sales professionals are often not happy with their job or the company. Still, they continue, with the aforementioned thought at the back of their mindset.  

Know that one way or another, this will be visible to the client. Our psychological responses aren’t always in control and you might end up doing something that will reflect your distrust. And if that happens, your prospect will never convert.  

Mistake #5: Being overconfident 

Staying in the business for too long might make you more confident, but make sure that you don’t cross that thin line. An overconfident nature often brings out qualities like pride and ego. Don’t let your success or achievement compromise your modesty and turn you into a sales professional you are not.  

Mistake #6: Arriving late 

Shakespeare said, “Better three hours too soon than a minute late.” Stay watchful of your calendar and make sure that you are not missing out or arrive late on any sales call.  

Mistake #7: Not turning the phone off 

Phones are our inseparable parts. We barely do anything without them. But they can be hazardous for your sales calls. The thing is, we can’t stand missing any notifications and calls these days. Showing this behavior during an important sales call will give off the impression that you are not eager to do business with them.  

Author - Suraj Jaiswal

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